How We Work

At Virtual Leads we have perfected a process to deliver optimum results for your campaign. We meet with each client to determine their objectives and then apply our process to deliver the qualified sales leads and appointments with key decision makers, all the while keeping an open dialogue with you and as your campaign progresses, giving you regularly updated reports.

PROCESS – a typical campaign

Stage 1:

We meet to discuss and identify your business needs. The better you can brief us, the more targeted we can be – but don’t worry, we know the right questions to ask to drill down to your best target audiences. Objectives and timescales are set for your campaign.

Stage 2:

We do our research. This is what sets us aside from other Telemarketing campaigns and what allows us to deliver optimum results and quality leads. Before we start work on a campaign, we will look for answers to three key questions:

  • Who is the decision maker most appropriate to your product or service? You may need the Operations Manager and not the MD.
  • Does a similar product or service already exist within the companies you are targeting? If so, how can you better your competitors?
  • Where is the specific need for your product or service within the companies you are targeting?

Once we have the answers, we access the best data sources we can start working to grow your business.

Stage 3:

Your campaign is launched, sometimes in tandem with other marketing activities. Our skilled marketers are experts at identifying and building relationships with the most relevant prospect. You are regularly updated on campaign progress so we can respond quickly to changing requirements.

Stage 4:

We compile your data and send you details of the qualified leads and appointment times as well as the history behind each conversation. You are also armed with a list of any relevant instructions which will optimise your success rate.