How To Use Video In Lead Generation

Undoubtedly, UK telemarketing services still yield the best results for leads generation, but in a competitive landscape, some brands are welcoming new techniques into he fold to increase their lead generation output. One such tool, which you may have never consider before, is using video. Business2Community have outlined just why it’s a great lead generating tool to have in your business’s arsenal.

So why video? Video is one of the most consumable forms of content in the digital age, and it offers real value to draw in potential leads. 89 per cent of marketers are already using video, however, not as many as a way to generate leads and get a return on investment.

However, it also builds a picture of you as a business. There is nowhere to hide with video – there’s a authenticity to creating video content that isn’t quite matched by static images, and that builds trust between your business and potential consumers.

Video content also has greater shareability on its side, which can help you reach more potential leads through those who respond to the content. It’s estimated that video produces 1200 times more shares than images and text.

So how do you convert video from content into leads? One way is to introduce a call to action in the video. Engagement with calls to action are 20 per cent higher than otherwise, according to some studies. You could also use an email gate to capture data, and consumers are much more likely to surrender details for something of perceived value.

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