Why Telemarketing is more important than ever in COVID-19 times

After the initial shock of the March lockdown, when everything did momentarily grind to a halt, we have seen business increase exponentially. Once people got to grips with the likes of Zoom and Teams and realised their full potential, our order book started to fill up and we have never been busier.

Used carefully as part of the B2B lead generation and sales process telemarketing has always played a key role in the growth of many businesses. Customers and prospects need more than ever to be reassured, nurtured, and shown empathy – which can be difficult in these unsettled times with reduced available headcount due to furlough, and potentially disconnected teams working from home.

A professional, well briefed telemarketing team can step in and help you:

  • Stay in touch
    • Connecting with your existing prospects, and helping build a strong relationship in times when everybody needs support, understanding and a friendly ear
    • Establishing genuine empathy, positioning your business and brand as one which genuinely cares about its customers
    • Rekindling relationships with lapsed contacts.
  • Expand your prospect pool and reach
    • Contacting your warm leads and establishing a personal, human rapport with them
    • Developing a sales pipeline.
  • Meet decision makers – in person when allowed, by phone or Zoom
    • Making sure to identify the right contacts for you
    • Setting qualified appointments on your behalf.
  • Keep your data up to date
    • Cleaning up your databases on an ongoing basis
    • Ensuring you target the right customers.
  • Conduct surveys
    • Either customer satisfaction surveys
    • Or information and feedback gathering on your products or services.  

Telemarketing is highly measurable and can be a very cost-effective tool when deployed with clear objectives and quality data. COVID-19  presents new challenges, but also opportunities for those agile enough to use all the tools at their disposal – and telemarketing should be a key tool in your armoury to get close to your prospects, build rapport and confidence, and be seen as pro-active.

One of our customers said this week;

‘Really appreciate all you have done with all the appointments, it has really inspired me with Lockdown 2.0 to just crack on and get myself out there. Couple of really solid meetings today.’

Virtual Leads have built a strong expertise across a number of sectors over the years, helping many companies with appointment setting and lead generation, resulting in new opportunities and connections.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.

lesley@virtualleads.co.uk  or  020 3778 0668

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